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by Michel Anoia

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Dmitry Nevozhay
Dmitry Nevozhay thumbnail
Dmitry Nevozhay Very underrated and overlooked experimental technical blackened death-grind.
𝖙𝖜𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖉𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖔𝖋𝖜𝖆𝖙𝖘𝖔𝖓 thumbnail
𝖙𝖜𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖉𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖔𝖋𝖜𝖆𝖙𝖘𝖔𝖓 What an incredible album, all sorts going on here, and so much to like. Absurd heaviness, techy, jazzy, grinding and chaotic death metal, that will have you in spin. This ain’t straightforward which is why it is so good. Favorite track: Rubedo.
GelatsX thumbnail
GelatsX This is as technical as it is emotional. One of the most interesting releases of 2021 and I can't in the life of me understand how it has passed so unnoticed. Favorite track: Nervures.
Darknight thumbnail
Darknight Stunning grind metal that will surely have you twitching like the techy nerd you are. Bold banging heaviness to give you headaches for the entire day,Nervures isn't easy listening so stay well clear if your expecting that,prepare for a grinding juggernaut. Favorite track: Rubedo.
Jake W.
Jake W. thumbnail
Jake W. It's like when I heard Fawn Limbs the first time: Mouth open, smiling, terrified. Favorite track: Suture.
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Nigredo 04:24
Albedo 02:01
Start the dance of the shadows, The exploration of the recesses of the soul Darkness and light Astral projections tinged with the colors of the peacock's tail Delight for the eye Who drinks the animated reflections with greed The Great Work has not started yet His eyes are already full The Old Man must die and From the sacrifice required will spring yellow death The acid doubt will make disappear the last refraction of the soul
Rubedo 02:57
The Sentinel with the red sword watch Those who will not be worthy Will be sent back Sulfur and mercury United in salt Everything is one and everything comes down to one the brick athanor and in that of the heart
Nervures 06:17
Ochre and grey shine from his face diformed by the headwinds of his spirits When the beauty of his word drags him out of the cold reality Singing about glaciations times While within, my heart freezes he has precisously hidden his tricks and secrets In the grave of his little being And erected a temple dedicated to his hate Guardian of the inaccessible and the untouchable. Seduced by the beauty of the devil He is nothing else without the other. Marked by the almighty, Master and owner of these placn8veaues It only remains for him to avenge and punish his being Until his two worlds are writhing and choking
Suture 02:15
Looking for your past traces in those you have not walked yet, your face is still unknown to you. Wandering on a floor burned by your fire, You feel pursued And speed more and more towards the abyss, preferring to plunge into it than to be absorbed. Your shadow skims each of your steps and will follow you to the end, where the worlds merge, where it is no longer.
Ibliss 02:59
Suspended at the culmination point of the celestial body, Silence reigns when zenith and nadir line up And while I pretend to disappear, You feast to see only at your feet The reflection of the grains of sand of a dreamed beach I see the spears appear red and gold Reef on the horizon Huge thrusting thrust of his silver teeth The nameless sails of your serpentine raft. Brutally, here you are projecting into the heavens And for a moment, you radiate from his fire But your climax is just a dark announcement Your song will rock your drowning
Hark the distant echoes of a familiar procession The sad vibration of a lost paradise The air vibrates and the world he knewn is gone She walks with her open eyes and her sealed heart Waving high the shreds of the memories In trophy of the outrages suffered Which everyone will end up paying the price Her complaint foreshadows the time of changes She made him her prophet The one who will complete her armour of death As they are getting closer His poison abounds and runs on his arms He is just a sinner to have Put his hands on his putrefied flesh Object of his coronation, temple incarnated. Leaving behind the icons of his possesion Purified by his sacrifice She will start walking again towards the opium and lily bath


[English below]

L'horizon s'assombrit et l'eau se durcit. L'histoire continue pour Michel Anoia tout autant qu’elle se termine, le parcours initiatique ne fait que débuter. De la violence subie et de celle actée, de l'expérience passée à celle du présent, les 7 titres évoquent les affres de la culpabilité et les tourments qu'elle exige. Dans le rapport à l'autre, qu'il soit d'amour ou de haine, Michel Anoia déclame sa rage de vivre et de mourir, un moteur à explosion au coeur du chaos. Tout n'est que respiration. Tout n'est que souffle.

The horizon darkens, and the water hardens. The story continues for Michel Anoia on Nervures just as much as it ends, an initiatory journey that has only just begun. From violence suffered and acted out, from past experiences to that of the present. The seven songs on Nervures evoke the pangs of guilt and torments the music itself demands. In our relationship with others, whether love or hate, Michel Anoia owns its rage to live and die, an internal combustion engine in the heart of chaos. It's all about breathing. Everything is just breath.


released September 17, 2021

Guitare et voix: Charles
Basse: Simon
Batterie: Ugo

Enregistré et mixé à Perpignan (FR) par David Cook
Masterisé par Thibault Bernard, Convulsound Productions à Lyon (FR)


all rights reserved



Michel Anoia Lyon, France

Trio lyonnais versant dans la violence brute, la technicité et le psychédélisme, Michel Anoia est un trip sous acide en plein milieux d’une tempête.
Pour les fans de Psyopus, Krallice, The dillinger escape plan, Cephalic Carnage.

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